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Don't let looks deceive you, for a 2 piece band Vulpynes make noise.

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Expect a fusion of heavy and melodic hooks, snarling vocals and a visceral rhythm section.
Vulpynes deliver raw, no frills garage punk rock that remains inimitably their own. Their unique chemistry and infectiously brazen is a thrill to experience live.

Over the last year Vulpynes have gone from strength to strength supporting the likes of Deap Vally, Doyle (Misfits), Marmozets, Stiff Little Fingers, Sleaford Mods and the Interrupters.With a consistently busy gigging schedule, blazing a trail across the Irish and UK festival circuit and selling out hometown shows, Vulpynes have firmly established themselves as one of the most exciting Irish rock bands to emerge in recent years. Vulpynes' latest EP release 'Dye Me Red' is out now on FOAD Records.

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