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A 20 year old Irish rapper/producer.

rogan began his musical journey after being inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s “Tetsuo & Youth”, in early 2015. Influenced by the creativity of his peers and mentor ØMEGA, the young Dubliner began to experiment on Boom Bap beats, developing his skills as a lyricist, in an attempt to find his sound. Soon after releasing his debut project “Arrogant”,

in 2017, he claimed Stackd Magazine’s artist of the week, leading to an influx of bookings and support slots all over Ireland. In early 2019, RÓGAN competed in Dublin’s annual Beat Club, hosted by Irish producer/DJ Mathman, winning the title of “Beat Club Champion”. Defeating some of Dublin’s finest beatmakers, RÓGAN, empowered by the affirmation, went on to release a 5 track, self-produced, EP titled “Hypocrite”.

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