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Radio Mafia are a 5-piece multi-genre band from Drogheda/Swords.

Their musical styles range from that of Rock to Funk, Swing to Grunge and Pop to Blues. The guys love all different types of music, not just one genre. This is evident if you listen to their E.P ‘Don’t Think About It’’ which features 4 songs, all written in different genres.

The lads had a very busy 2019, beginning their live shows and musical releases, starting with the singles ‘’Don’t Think About It’’ and ‘’B.R.S’’ followed by the 4 track ‘’Don’t Think About It’’ E.P and then another single, ‘’Preacher’’.                                   

2019 also saw the band enter the studio to record what will become their debut album entitled ‘’Can Anybody Hear Me’’. Originally slated for a 2020 Summer release, this date will now need to be revised due to the country shutting down for the last few months.

In the mean time though, while you wait for the album to be done you can have a listen to the E.P and have a look at the two music videos the band has released.

One for the jazzy/swing song ‘’Glass Soldier’’ and a live video for the Funky ‘’Preacher’’.

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