pixie cut rhythm orchestra

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photography - molly keane

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Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra are an indie rock group from Dublin, Ireland.

Sarah Deegan's melancholy vocals weave melody around her guitar. Her evocative lyrics oscillate between dreamy reverie and self aware realism. The music explores different emotional landscapes and is inspired by characters both real and fictional.

'The music of Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra melds monochromatic isolation with a textural and thematically deep backdrop’ (The Last Mixed Tape, 2019)

Backed by bassist Alice Grollero, drummer Danni Nolan and guitarist Stuart Doyle, Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra's live set has a dramatic dynamic range, from penny-drop vocals to full-throttle instrumentals. The band embrace the modern sense of genre denial, drawing from a myriad of mismatched influences.
The band have supported other Irish acts such as Tandem Felix and Just Mustard. Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra are currently working on their debut album with Anon Records, a Dublin-based collective co-founded by Sarah.

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