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Started in summer 2018, BS (previously known as Better Strangers) is my take on 2-piece bands such as Death From Above 1979, Royal Blood, The Whites Stripes, Kunz and Slaves.

Utilizing multiple effects pedals, I refined my own guitar tone into something that I really identified with, and wrote my music according to said tone rather than writing a song beforehand and just slapping the tone on top of it. This led me to change my writing and playing style to better suit my vision, and I'm ecstatic with the results. 

Althought I've been writing BS songs ever since the project started (Elektrik being one the oldest) most of my songs only came from the last year or so, and once Covid-19 had me locked in my room, I thought it to be a better time than ever to record everything and finally release a debut EP - 'Be Ugly'.

Be Ugly is my first solo EP and an experiment in self discovery. Every thing that could be recorded in my bedroom, was recorded in my bedroom. This includes guitar and vocals. For drums, I had to resort to using pre-recorded samples (programmed to reflect my playing style.) However this gave me more freedom during mixing, as every drum sample is completely isolated, allowing me to more effectively morph the (free) samples into this punchy, but huge, overdriven drum sound. When I mixed my first pre-production tracks, I was thrilled with how the drums came out. From there, everything just fell together, and before I knew it, I had created a collection of songs that I was incredibly proud of, and was ready to share with the world.

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