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Big Daisy are a Belfast based noise pop band, born out of a mutual love for whiny lyrics and big noisy sounds. Formed in November 2019.

Big Daisy began when three childhood best friends Aidan Reynolds, James Orr & Ciara King got together for a few jam sessions. Their shared love of dreamy guitars, lo-fi music, beachy vibes & self loathing lyrics brought Big Daisy to life. Chris Ryan completed the family shortly after. They had big plans and recorded their debut single ‘Go Outside’ in Winter 2019. An agoraphobic anthem about staying indoors due to anxiety… Ironically, it would become a soundtrack for the ongoing global pandemic we’re currently in and now we’d be delighted to leave the house.

With their debut gig complete, the band had planned to release a summer E.P. This was put on hold due to Covid-19 but it didn’t stop them entirely. With the use of computer wizardry, they were able to record a new single separately from their own houses and producer Chris Ryan was able to piece it together, mix & produce it. This is how ‘Shimmer (Chill Mix)’ was born.

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