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Bannered Mare are based out of Galway, Ireland and have a unique sound

Bannered Mare is the brain child of Joseph Padfield (Race the flux/Pockets/Bury me with my money/Oscar mild/Hunting for snares/Derek Ellard & The Future Business Model).  
smoothly blending  intricate Math Rock and athemic choruses with gentile moments of folky reflectivness, The style they have developed chops and changes at break neck speed to cart the listener away.

Joseph has been playing in various bands around Ireland for the last 17 years and producing music for just as long. Seeing venues such as The Olympia Theatre (supporting Tame Impala) and a main stage at Electric Picnic in later years to name a few. Padfield has used this experience to craft Bannered Mare's sound to something versatile, a sound that will work on small stages and big stages alike.

Bannered Mare have two EP's out currently. The first, titled 'Gizzards' is a meloncholie and reflective record that dissects loneliness and the mistakes that lead to it. Gizzards was a step in a different direction for Padfield which ultimatly lead him back to his musical roots on the second release, titled  'Fear of missing out'.Fear of missing out is a record about maintaining happiness and a good head space, while seeing friends and peers progress in life while feeling that he was stuck in the mud. The record is full of big movements and a whole lot of energy.

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